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Take a Tour!

B&B for dogs

Tours are a great way to get your dog and yourself familiar our accommodations!

They don’t take long-10 to 15 minutes tops. Remember we’re small. Tours are done during our regular hours and require an appointment…not because it’s dirty and smelly here and we want to clean up, but because I want to be sure I have enough staff here so I can take time away from our boarding buddies. Please bring the whole family if you can. Knowing where their best buddy will be while everyone is away will ease everyone’s mind.

Dog boarding kennel Kids usually love it here with all the animals at the farm. While it’s great to bring the kids for the tour, it’s not so great to bring them for the big drop off if you can help it. It can be a very emotional time for them and that makes it traumatic for your dog. Kids are always welcome for the pick up.

Tours are done during our regular hours and require an appointment. Please call to schedule your tour… (978) 388-0096

Bed and Biscuit

116 Kimball Road
Amesbury, MA 01913
(978) 388-0096

We’re Dog Approved!

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